Sunday thoughts

This weekend was really freakin busy. For the past month K has been complaining about my new habit of napping for 3-4 hours at a time when we hang out at his place on the weekend. I've been having trouble getting to sleep at a decent hour (new coffee pot at my office may have something to do with it) and my sleep deprivation consumes whole blocks of daytime. These past 2 days we've been so busy there's hardly been any time to nap.

Yesterday we met up at 10:30am and went to breakfast at Reynard's at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, a place from the people who brought us Marlow & Sons and Diner. Fantastic coffee and a very delicious, interesting menu, of which the Dutch pancake was a standout. Before heading home we took a stroll around Smorgasburg, but deemed ourselves too full to partake. 

Last night we went out with friends to the East Village, just north of where we usually go. After encountering a line at one of the places we wanted to check out, we went to the first place with a bouncer that we saw down the block, and stumbled upon a really cool, hidden sake bar. We realized how hungry we were and bought appetizers to share along with 3 large bottles of sake. The lighting was dim and red-tinged and we debated loudly about men & women & parents. It was a great time, and we stayed until 3:45am. 

Which of course means there were 15 minutes of partying left to do. We headed back to the bar we'd intended to go to, the line long gone by that point, and danced to mediocre music until they turned on the lights and stopped the music. 

What was amazing about the whole thing was that I was DD, not drinking, and somehow made it through the entire night until my head hit the pillow at 5am and I was out. 

Today was the perfect contrast to yesterday's hustle. K and I watched baseball (a win), football (don't talk about it), and Breaking Bad, our new TV show. I came back to my house at a decent hour and we even had time to bake some corn muffins. 

Up next: 2 Yankees/Red Sox games in the coming week!

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