Sunday thoughts

I worked both days this weekend, and with the above promotion going on at J. Crew in stores and online, my shifts have been very busy. The good news is that I still found a few hours here and there to take for myself and enjoy.

I returned to dine at Bohemian and this second meal exceeded the first. A dark rum mojito, a giant sausage, a bottle of red and a bottle of white later, I was falling asleep at the table (a set up of 2 couches and a coffee table, really) and so we had to scratch the bar-hopping and get me to bed. 

This weekend's lunch hours have been spent at Made Fresh Daily, a great, airy space with organic ingredients, bottomless coffee, and a magazine rack. It made the cold so much more bearable. 

KL introduced me to a new game called Plants vs. Zombies, which is both whimsical and stressful, and it could easily become a major past time for me in the next couple of weeks. 

I'm hoping for this work week to go by quickly because of the 4 day weekend ahead. Tomorrow starts without the customary 7am meeting and an appointment to have my back cracked at 8:30. Also this week I'd like to fit in a night for gift wrapping, baking, and wine in Astoria - somewhere between the day job, a J.Crew closing shift, a visit to Traif, and Suteishi's Christmas dinner. 

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