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For the most part I gravitate toward a pared down and simple look. But I dream the Caribbean and in those dreams I am wearing bright colors and lush prints. I don’t know how to fully be who I am sartorially other than by traveling. More precisely, vacationing. I have two wardrobes, one in my closet and the other in my suitcase. 

I think we are close enough to Christmas for me to write about the BEST GIFT EVER. To put it into context, KL and I go all out each year for Christmas. Our first Christmas together he took me to dinner at Bouley and introduced me to the amuse bouche, then to see the Lion King, and gave me a Christmas stocking embroidered with my name, stuffed full of smaller gifts. This year he’s given me the gift of a very specific dream come true: going to a grotto. 5 days in a private paradise, a cottage on the ocean, a little boat packed with lunch to explore neighboring islands and beaches each day, Thunderball grotto, nurse sharks to pet, and swimming pigs to feed. Staniel Cay, Bahamas. 

Already my island mind is stormed by outfit ideas. He'd warned me that it wasn’t something I could enjoy right away, and that’s all right. The trip is in June, giving me six months to prepare and pack, every day of which I will probably need. Also I get my travel tiger tamed for the moment because I have something in the pipeline, without which I feel unsettled. One picture in the slideshow he made for me shows sting rays and starfish in the water just beneath our boat dock. Amazing. 

The only bad news is that I feel my gift now sucks in comparison. 
I have a week and a half to work on that.

Sunlit ocean water. When I think of it it makes me happy. In my soul this image must be the seat of all my zen.

Garance Dore

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