Happy Halloween!

here we are, featuring a creeper
Snow came for Halloweekend, and partygoers all over New York greeted it with a collective BOO. Children didn’t care, as they get to go trick-or-treating in crisp weather today. Friday night I put on a black tulle dress and popped a gold sequined eye mask on my head, but after seeing a dozen Black Swans on my way out to bars, I started to tell people I wasn’t dressed as anything in particular. I spilled at least a full cup of vodka soda onto my Nikon camera throughout the night and was thankful for 2 things: that it wasn’t my Canon Powershot, and that I wasn’t drinking cranberry vodkas. At one place Meredith reached across the bar and scooped a maraschino cherry into each of our glasses, and that is what our sorority calls sisterly.  

That feathered Native American headdress turned out beautifully, and I love my mom for being so enthusiastic about making it. I wore it Saturday to K’s house with a navy fairisle sweater and wool shorts – not very true to character, but wine drinking didn’t call for fussiness. I plan to wear it again, as a shrunken capelet or a gigantic and fabulous collar.

Onward, to November!

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

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