Spring cold

With all this heat its hard to believe we're still a week from summer. With all the AC I have gotten a serious cold. My lungs must be so pissed at me, they have so much to say with each spell of sickness. Today starts my 4 day weekend, and I wish I could be healthy for it. But with this sunny gorgeous day everything seems to be just fine.

Today is a day for the vital: lunch in the park, a baseball game, day drinking to follow. If I don't feel it, I thought I could at least look the part - wearing a drapey rayon JCrew dress in the luscious sounding color Warm Jade, and did my nails in Essie's Splash of Grenadine.

I opened up my replacement Bare Escentuals Summer eyeshadow and am loving every second of wearing it. :) Also tried out my Sephora sample of Kate Spade's fragrance Twirl, which I think I like, though with my impaired olfactory senses I probably overdid the spritzing, to K's impending lunchtime despair. (He dislikes perfumey smells, but in seriousness I'm not sure why he feels so strongly against them, as his sense of smell is so perpetually impaired it's really quite astonishing).

In other news,

My teenage sister texted me yesterday asking if the island green shorts that arrived on our doorstep were for us. That made me smile, and I always wonder how alike we are.

A: We are sisterly alike in this respect: our tastes in clothing are both rooted in our mom's. Mine now showing more resemblance than hers, but I believe she will grow into her stripes over the years as I did. We are our mother's daughters. If I could sum up her taste it might be the following:

1) Silk
2) Brights
3) Patterns, florals

The other day she snuck into my room and left the house wearing my silk fireworks-print romper from Madewell. A statement for a high school sophomore. (Or not these days, what do I know). She's said to me that she really doesn't know what she would do if I moved out. She wouldn't have anything to wear.

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