The mornings

This morning I woke up upset that I'd missed my first 2 classes of the day, being 12:55pm, I couldn't even make it in time for my 3rd. Dreams will do that to you, and it takes a long moment to adjust to it being 9:25am.

Friday night after Five Points, which was expectedly delicious, I went to White Star Bar on Essex. I fell asleep there for a little while, on the pile of my party's coats next to me in our booth. I had a drink called December 21st that was so strong but so citrusy, which made up for the bite. In the glass there was a perfectly shaved sheet of orange peel, twisted just so. Other drinks in highball glasses had long blocks of ice in them (as to maximize melt time, so the drink dilutes more slowly) that I confess I had the strong urge to put into my mouth.

After that we saw a HUGE SNOWMAN!

hence the name
drinks at our marble booth, which I sniped most expertly
how freaking cool!

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