Sunday thoughts

This was in Miami. Ah, day drinking. Life is so easy when you can do such things as having a Heineken with your cafe latte, or sit on a wicker love seat in front of a wicker table.

Excessive napping throughout the day has led to late night knitting. This is my Saturday. Thankfully, a friend of mine is going through finals week up in Rochester, and we are keeping each other company.

This week was a lazy holiday one, lots of friends and drinks and sleep. However, I played on my family's Wii for the first time, getting my ass kicked at every single sport in the package. Also, I went rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulder, and pushed myself past my usual limit, which was awesome.

Going to watch the Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader tomorrow with my baby sis, and  the thing I most anticipate is the Enya-like soundtrack.

Today I dug out the gift I gave K for our 1 year anniversary while at his place. I still hold that it is the best gift I've ever given someone - I've never worked so hard to create something. Funny to think how long ago that was.

I think I need to make plans to go to Vegas in March.

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