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The plight of the 33 men trapped in the that collapsed Chilean mine has had my attention since the very beginning. I think about them surprisingly often, especially during my crowded morning commute, and imagine the most basic comforts that they lack - light, fresh air, rain, privacy, breezes, chairs, toothbrushes. Their situation is horrific, but I imagine that their spirits are strong, and this will define their lives.

Four and a half miles inside the mine and 2,300 feet from the surface, they have been living off plastic tubes of food and water called doves.

Here are the articles through which I have followed their tale.

October 4th: Chilean Miners' Rescue May Happen within Weeks
August 31st: Chilean Miners Forge Refuge
August 29th: Chilean Miners Must Aid Own Rescue
August 29th (op-ed): Notes from the Underground
August 27th: Video of Trapped Chilean Miners Stirs A Country's Emotions
August 26th: Facing Long Mine Rescue, Chile Spares No Expense
August 24th: A Relieved Chile Braces for a Long Mine Rescue
August 23rd: Chileans Will Work to Sustain Miners
August 22nd: Trapped Chileans Send Message

photos courtesy of nytimes

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