Sometimes the MTA really freaking kills me

Every commuter agrees: every minute is only too crucial in the morning. So if my train rolls into my station 10 minutes late, I'll get to my destination almost 20 minutes late. Not only that, but the train that I transferred to has a milksop of a driver, and lazily chugs down the tracks at a speed suggestive of a deep fear of being useful. Come on. This is 30 minutes of my day here.

Is the MTA really raising fares for service like this? While I quite agree with charging $1 for every new Metrocard on environmental grounds, maybe their conductors should step up their game and get on board with the sense of urgency to GET SOMEWHERE that tortures all thousand souls in their 7 or 8 cars as they eagle-eye the clock every time they feel the train braking?

On another note, how stupid is the public sentiment that has forced the Sun Chips brand to reverse their recent commendable move to 100% biodegradable packaging on the grounds of it being too NOISY?

What is everyone's problem?
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