Hey Santa, from your future little helper.

(Okay this may be really premature.)

I'm going to be such an elf when I have kids.

This holiday season has changed me, I can tell. Mostly, I'm struck by how short the season is, how little time one actually has to make time to celebrate, to bake, to wrap, to generally engage in merry-making.

I think it's true that Christmas for adults is mostly about remembering their Christmases past.

It's going to be some damn hard work, I can already see it, but after this year, I know that my children will always have their Christmas traditions, an entire season full of them. Trees, trimmings, stockings, gingerbread, presents, letters, wreaths, candy canes, mistletoe, mittens, hot cocoa and snow. The last may be out of my hands. The strongest memories are in the details.

I hope I'll be able to enlist the husband to dress up as Santa too. ;)

After tomorrow it'll be Christmas Eve. However many Christmas Eves from this one, I know that I'll be, at this time of night, busy and sleepy and cranky, putting out gifts for my family, then climbing into bed in my J. Crew onesie pajamas in red with white polkadots, with milk and cookies for my Santa.

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