Crunch Time - To Wrap or Not to Wrap?

With only a few days to go until Christmas, and all of my shopping done for the season, it is now time to start thinking about my favorite part of gift giving - gift wrapping.

The problem is, however, that my gifts this year are generally oversized. My employment at J. Crew and subsequent overload on bulky goods from my store (sweaters, mostly) as well as from sister-brand Madewell (a pair of amazing brown motorcycle boots for my sister) has left me with packages that are quite large. The thought of using all that wrapping paper makes the friend of the earth in me cringe and cry.

So this is what I think I'll do - adorn my J. Crew provided sweater boxes with a generous length of thick red ribbon, gather my stocking stuffers to be wrapped individually, and fantasize, for next year, about after-Christmas gift wrap and ribbon sales at Kate's Paperie all the while.

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