The May list

This is a big month for us. The biggest. I hesitated to even make a to do list for May because what would I say? GET MARRIED would be our single goal.

I am so full of buzz, nervousness and excitement over our fast approaching wedding day. I can't wait and I also wish I had just one more week to double, triple check everything. 

I've learned that for anyone who's a listmaker, planning a wedding is an absolute blast of a time. It's fulfilling, your results are tangible, and you can watch exactly how each of your list items and ideas comes to life. 

For my May list, I've chosen a few footnote-sized things. They carry no pressure and doing them will help me continue to savor this time, to slow it down as it hurtles ahead, laden with happy things. 

One. Pick a 100 day project

Two. Sort out a mini-moon

Three. Map out pottery plans 

Four. Replant my basil cutting and the new plants we brought home last weekend

And here's how I did on the April list:

One. Bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale was a rousing success. I had an incredible time relaxing, partying, and discovering nature with some amazing women. 

Two. I didn't get a haircut. I'm giving myself a pass on this one because during the course of the month I actually decided to reach out to my wedding hair and makeup team to voice my concern that the hairstyle I'd selected during my trial was too "done" (curled, twisty, pinned) for how simple my dress is. In fact, I think I'm going to go with some kind of ponytail style and my current length is perfect for that. 

Three. My green thumb is a work in progress. Fingers crossed for this new batch of plants! I also spent time at the studio making several planters in April. 

Four. I did not visit the Manhattan public library.  I'll put this on a future list. 

Five. We planned a hike, but the weather did not corporate. Really looking forward to getting out there sometime soon. 

Six. This one: "slow time down" - you try and you try. Mainly this was accomplished my staying up way too late and feeling exhausted in the mornings. But other things too, like going to Yankees games, and seeing friends, helped to remind us to pause and enjoy that it's finally spring. 

We had a month full of vendor meetings and made an event of it each time: we went to brunch with a friend after our planning meeting at our rehearsal dinner venue, we went out to eat in Williamsburg after meeting our photographers, we tried the new Made Nice quick eats place by the Eleven Madison Park team after or DJ meeting, and we went to a WEDDING(!) after our double header of botanical garden planning and lighting vendor meetings. 

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