The March List

I'll try to avoid wedding-related items on this month's list because at this stage, there are so many to-do's, big and small.

One. Visit our local farmers market on weekends as spring produce starts to return.

Two. Book our return itinerary from the July wedding in Cyprus. Okay this is already mostly done.. we've decided to stop in Chania on the island of Crete on the way back home. All that remains is to book our hotels/AirBnBs and then we can start planning and packing.

Three. Donate clothing to the Dress for Success drive going on at work.

Four. Complete my BVDR travel diaries including processing select pictures from the trip to share.

Five. Consume less sugar. My body is pretty inflamed, as signaled by my constant low grade allergies, my dry skin, and my tendency to feel anxiety when I'm on the subway in between two far apart stops. Part of my wellness focus this year is going to be looking for ways to reduce inflammation and less sugar will really help this cause.

Six. Drink more water and tea.

Seven. One and only wedding related item this month: experiment with making our table numbers at pottery! Two examples here:

Update on my February list below:

One. Try some classes at the pilates studio in my neighborhood. Really proud of myself on this one. Not only did I try that studio, using up all 3 of the classes I purchased through Groupon, I joined ClassPass, and have been going to different classes after work. I'm loving dance cardio, strength training, and pilates. 

Two. Knit the 2nd sleeve and the back of that cardigan. (Let's be more realistic with that project this month) The yarn I need to continue this project has still not yet been procured. However, I DID finish a crochet blanket I'd been working on for almost a year, so does that count? 

Three. Make a dutch baby for Kev for breakfast.

Four. Mail out our wedding invitations.

Five. Book our trip to Cyprus and the destinations we'll connect through. 

Six. Continue to stay engaged and watchful of this new president. Use my voice.

Seven. Practice calligraphy

Eight. Continue to build our travel list so that we're ready for post-wedding trips. Mexico, for instance.

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