The February List

Izamal, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula. from Pinterest. 

Ah February.

My birth month, oft overlooked because it's still winter and it's short. I turn 30 today. Seeing this horizon for some time now, I've decided that I'm a-okay with this milestone. I've done so much: lived, learned, traveled, and all sorts of varied and colorful et cetera. I'm so happy with my life and proud of how much I've grown in my twenties. I've become more resilient. I've become more vocal. I've become a bit of a better planner too.

Below, my February list and a reflection on January's to do.

One. Try some classes at the pilates studio in my neighborhood.

Two. Knit the 2nd sleeve and the back of that cardigan. (Let's be more realistic with that project this month)

Three. Make a dutch baby for Kev for breakfast.

Four. Mail out our wedding invitations.

Five. Book our trip to Cyprus and the destinations we'll connect through.

Six. Continue to stay engaged and watchful of this new president. Use my voice.

Seven. Practice calligraphy

Eight. Continue to build our travel list so that we're ready for post-wedding trips. Mexico, for instance.

Now let's take stock of my January List: 

One. Hang with my sister before she goes back to college for her very last semester (!) before graduation. Done! And I cannot wait until she graduates and lives back in NYC full time. 

Two. Knit a sweater. I started, does that count? I ran out of yarn one sleeve in and haven't made it to Michaels for more yet. Therefore, it's on this month's list as well. 

Three. Read Marie Kondo's book and see what the heck all of this fuss is about. Done. It was a worthy read, if not life changing. It did help with more peace of mind when discarding things. 

Four. Write a first draft of my Holiday 2017 list (yes, really! While it's fresh in my mind!) Loved doing this. 

Five. Make my beauty resolutions for the year. Check.

Six. Pick up some of these habits while trying to accept that I am just not a morning person. I think this is one of those things I need to pin to my mental cork board. 

Seven. Start learning how to make paper flowers. I didn't do this so much as watched Annie and my mom. While the flowers came out beautifully, ultimately they are going to work for our wedding. They are a little too fragile to store and transport reliably. 

Eight. Find a bridal gown tailor. Check, as of last week. Once I saw my dress pinned to fit, I knew. This is the one. 

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