2016 first: deep sleep and full days

Happy new year! 

Winter has come at last to New York and the New Year's first two days have been cold and bright. We spent New Year's Eve at home with champagne and the puppy, and caught up on what felt like a year's worth of sleep on New Year's Day. 

We started day 2 with brunch at Prune, that tiny standby in the East Village that's so small each seat there is a fortunate thing. Never having been for brunch, we had an awesome meal at the bar: eggs Benedict and "en cocotte", stewed chickpeas, and a Chicago Matchbox Bloody Mary (house made lemon vodka with lots of pickled veggies).

We went to the tailor (Nelson's on Rivington St) afterward to drop off things we'd been meaning to bring in for a long time now. Also confirmed that they can do wedding dresses (woot!). 

The day is not over yet! 

I'm about to make and shape the dough for a few loaves of ciabatta bread. I'd made the starter last night and we're going to bring them to dinner tomorrow with Kev's side of the family. 

In between rising, we'll be grocery shopping and cooking lunches for the week. 

Tonight: back to the lower east side for drinks with friends! 

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