Sunday thoughts

This weekend was spent settling back in, relaxing, and enjoying the season. On Saturday I made us the usual breakfast of over-easy eggs with cheese on toasted English muffins. Our fridge was nearly bare when we left and already it's filled with so much food, with dishes from my mom, new groceries, and a free trial of Blue Apron delivered on Friday. 

We baked a loaf of delicious apple cheddar bread (recipe shared here). I felt fancy braiding the dough into a twist with the filling, shredded apples and cheddar, spilling out in abundance. We worked this dough with our dough whisk and then on the marble counter table. I love that table - such a great and useful addition to our home. 

That being said, we'll need to move it out of the nook come December. After months of planning to make our own dining room table, we focused our energies into the logistics of it on Thursday and decided after lots of measuring that 1) a rectangular long table wouldn't fit into our space 2) the good lumber we wanted would eat away the savings gained from DIY and 3) a smaller, round table in the nook would work best. So we ordered one. This one, which is back ordered until 11/30. We'll move the marble table into the living room which will be great for it to show off its grain as the nook hardly gets any of the natural light which floods the rest of our apartment. 

We went to the market on Sunday for some very fall things: apples, pears, cider, pumpkins, and squash. 

A big, long week of catchup at work awaits tomorrow. A new Friday chase begins!

a giant, hearty bowl of pea soup from Roberta's

this bread turned out very well

picked three pears up today

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