Summer Snaps

Between the long work days and weekend naps, this has been a full summer. Our first Yankees game of the season happened to be the day that Alex Rodriguez hit his 3000th hit. We saw Roberta's transformed for a lovely wedding with Grimm sour beers in hand. The Mads has made her way back to our apartment many weekend days since we reluctantly sent her home after extended pup-sitting. 

This summer is also the summer that Kev and I discovered our shared love of Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee. Not too sweet with a hint of chicory, I'd been ordering it from Roberta's for some time when we went there for brunch or lunch. Kev never tried it until one day he did - and now he loves them! Won't share! Has to get his own! My funny fiancĂ©. 

New Orleans Iced Coffee pictured above. We like to go to the Blue Bottle near Bryant Park as well. 
Lots of good food too. 

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