Big news

We're engaged! It just happened last Friday so I am still honing my telling of the proposal story. It's amazing that when you tell people they are all so thrilled and want to discuss wedding-related things immediately. I can see why it is such a societal glue. So far, I've leaned sparse in details. In fact it was the most perfect and natural thing. 

We were in our pjs doing what we do on Fridays after work: cooking dinner, drinking beer, having a little kitchen dance party. I received a series of gorgeously hand lettered cards, off white with gold calligraphy. They contained a little love note but he saved the actual question to ask me in that moment. 

I want to remember everything from that day, such as the way he looked so deep in thought when he asked me the date and the ridiculous dance move I was doing shortly before being called out of the kitchen. I want to remember the dinner of broccoli, chicken cutlets, and mashed potatoes that we had with Grimm's Color Field beer. 

He said he'd planned to surprise me in March, he'd even scheduled a day off, but that somehow that night felt right. The pup Mads was there with us at our feet the whole time, characteristically oblivious.

I'm still spreading this happy news. It will be nice to really enjoy this for the rest of winter. Come spring time we'll have to get down to business with apartment projects so that we can throw a housewarming/engagement party. That will be an exciting time too, just hectic. 

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