Sunday thoughts: First, some soup

Was a little under the weather this weekend. Still, made it out to a couple of parties on Friday for Halloween. It's so funny to see everyone dressed up in the most ridiculous outfits and then slowly get sloppy throughout the night. We encountered Ghost Busters, Disney princesses, Mario Kart characters, Marvel superheroes, Ninja Turtles, and (the funniest type of all) a multitude of giant inanimate objects.

Here's us on Friday.

It'd started to rain on Friday night and didn't stop through Saturday, so Kev and I stayed in and made a bisque from the butternut squash that the CSA-like program my office is participating in brought to our kitchen. I am not a lover of butternut squash, but we tried this recipe from Martha Stewart and the fresh-off-the-stove heat and the cayenne pepper did a lot to combat the creaminess that can easily turn me off if overdone. So yummy, and pretty easy once you've got the squash peeled.

While catching up on blogs, I came across a super simple recipe for "THE PERFECT CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP" which I wish I'd seen earlier but will come in very handy the next time one of us is sick or just plain feeling like eating soup. (All the time, for me.)

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