Sunday thoughts: Do yourself a favor

Moving out of my parent's house has taught me one important approach to life that I am proud and sadly a little surprised to practice. "Do your future self a favor," I'd say to myself when I didn't feel like doing dishes after cooking but knew that I would feel even less motivated to do them later when full and ready to rest. So I did the dishes. I do the dishes - sometimes even before I'm finished cooking as soon as I'm done with a pot or a pan.

This idea of doing something in the present and I'll be grateful for in the future extends to other things in life too.

I've been working on those silk textile scarves I listed in my project roll, and as I was considering how to finish the long hem I realized that, after pinning/clipping the hem in place, I should do a basting stitch to hold the folds in place because really, pressing before I hit the sewing machine is just a good idea.

While digging shoe boxes out of my closet this week, looking for an outfit for a wedding we're going to in Chicago next weekend, I found a pair of black leather Cece flats from J.Crew. This style went away for a while and I've worn my way through multiple pairs of them; they are so amazingly comfortable. I am so glad I bought an extra pair while they were on sale and can skip dropping $125 for a replacement pair this season.

Cece flats, $125

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