Coffee at the Seaport

Went to the South St. Seaport on Friday for lunch at Suteishi. While waiting for my takeout I went to Jack's to pick up an iced coffee. So glad that they made it back from Sandy, as the neighborhood wouldn't be the same without it in my mind. 

In my days at J.Crew we drank a lot of coffee, and I used to treat myself to Happy Jacks and Stella's every so often. 

Jacks sits next to the old headquarters of the New Amsterdam Market, which abruptly announced an end last month via a scathing email criticizing local politicians who turned their backs on the historical value of the area in favor of new development. However, just as couple of days ago I received another email from the market's founder, vowing to keep fighting and thanking supporters and well wishers. 

Who knows what the future of this neighborhood will hold. It has always been on my radar, whether right in the midst of my daily routine, a regular late night destination, or on the fringe of what's considered walkable for lunch. 

I'll keep coming here, and I'm relieved to see this familiar space is back. 

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