A fair and two BBQs

Happy vending!
Spent the Saturday with my mom and sister at the Hester Street Fair. We made a modest profit, ate some pizza and a box of strawberries, and watched a volleyball camp (you can see the orange uniforms behind us). The day was hot but breezy, and our spot under some shady trees was perfect. Kev came toward the end of the fair and we enjoyed some $3 beers and pho at An Choi in LES before heading out to Long Island to a friend's barbecue.

Kev's family hosted a BBQ today also. We had Korean style ribs and basil walnut ice cream (a Jeni's Ice Creams recipe) along with all the traditional grill fare while watching Germany win the World Cup final.

Great, packed weekend.

We love Jeni's so much we went to their booth's opening day at Gotham West Market!

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