Saturdays in Forest Hills

Now that our apartment hunt has turned to Forest Hills, we've spent a few sunny Saturdays in the neighborhood. Feeling refreshed with a new agent and a new neighborhood, we recently decided to open ourselves up to the possibility of moving into a non-pet-friendly building. 

If looking for a co-op, it's quite difficult to find a building that allows dogs. If I were a developer I'd build only pet-friendly places; they'd sell like hotcakes. We'd always envisioned that our family would include a dog, and I'm comforted by the knowledge that it will still happen - only a little bit down the road.

There's something so calming about Forest Hills. Quiet and leafy, and yet there are so many families, restaurants, movie theaters, and subway lines. 

Despite there having been times of frustration, I love the journey we took from starting out and exploring Brooklyn, to Jackson Heights and Astoria, to Forest Hills. We were able to imagine ourselves living in all different spaces and places, and though they usually weren't the right fit, I loved walking into each kitchen and imagining the two of us cooking together, sipping on some wine. I loved thinking about where the couch would go, how it would look when we turned off the lights to watch movies together. I just can't wait to NOT sleep in a twin sized bed, though we've made it work for all these years somehow, and I expect that he'll wake up to a face full of elbows no matter how big of a bed we'll have. 

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