Bought ourselves a lime tree

On Friday we received the dwarf lime tree that we ordered from a nursery based in Georgia. I've spent the last several days reading up on how to best care for indoor citrus trees and am so very excited at the prospect of one day being able to harvest fruit from our very own tree. There are ridiculous and fussy things I'm told I have to do, such as using a paintbrush to pollinate the flowers and checking the soil pH, and though I hear across the board that well drained soil is important, there is conflicting advice on whether to add gravel to the bottom of the pot. We'll learn as we go, I suppose. 

For now, I quite like having this tiny tree to care for. I worry about it getting sun and whether it's enjoying enough air circulation. I move it from window to window and then downstairs into the front yard and back inside at night. I call my mom from work to ask about its placement. It borders on silly, but raising an outdoor tree indoors feels like a great feat to me. 

Here are three links on tree growing success.

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