I think myself tan(ish), but my makeup reality-checks me daily. This long winter has made deluding myself nearly impossible as I've crept past my "pale" foundation and am headed toward colors with names like "ivory," with "porcelain" in my sights. Colors like "sandy" and "natural" are where I like to live, and "honey" is one I often try on to great failure. I just love honey. 

The makeup above is the extent of my foundation collection. I don't wear makeup every day and when I do it's often my royal blue mascara first and then perhaps my NARS Madly blush before I walk out the door. However, I've come to believe in makeup for the workplace as akin to putting your game face on. There's a confidence to be gleaned from the deliberateness of such a morning ritual, and the comforting knowledge that you are not quite literally naked as you face the day. 

Cover on, cover up - I hope to see you again when my complexion and you align once more. 

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