Sad cube

The City, to its credit, is pretty serious about being fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars. For the most part, our office buildings are all pretty shitty. The office at my new job particularly so - ratty but ultimately endearing, like a snoring husband. I've been a little overwhelmed by the pace at work lately, and haven't yet had the chance to decorate my cubicle. It has the particular characteristic of walls that go three quarters of the way to the ceiling, which is so quasi open with a hint of privacy that it makes me uncomfortable if I think about it too much. My coworkers and I, in a regular open air cube setting, often said things aloud to no one in particular, and it was acceptable because people were there to bear silent witness. With a three quarter wall, people can hear you (if they're even at their desks, who knows?) but it just isn't the same.

printable calendars, 2 at a time. Morg closes on her new house on Monday and Kev's and my EIGHTH anniversary is Tuesday :)

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