Nude Nails

I am a big fan of nail polish, and over the years my sense have gravitated toward neutrals in all aspects of my aesthetic life: makeup, home decor, wardrobe. There remains an undying love for pops of red once in a while but generally I stick to nude nails. My collection of polishes is showcased above, and I'm currently wearing OPI's Tickle My Francey. While it isn't true that nudes hide chips better (I still know they're there), nude nails do allow me to showcase rings and bracelets without looking like I am trying to make a statement about anything.

I've seen popping up on blogs and in print mags recently the idea of invisible dressing, where what you wear doesn't say much, and something about how that allows your inner self to shine through. Without knowing it, my makeup routine, including my manicures, has taken on that philosophy, while my wardrobe is still figuring out what works.

This is all a part of this year's goal: inhabiting who I want to be, who I already am.

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