Kev got me an ice cream maker as an early anniversary present. This weekend we made 2 flavors: olive oil with salted roasted pumpkin seeds (above) and bourbon with butter roasted pecans (still in the fridge, hoping this one turns out okay because we skimped on waiting for the canister to freeze). These recipes came from Jeni's Ice Creams, which we knew would be good from having tasted flavors that his cousin made last year.

I'm so excited to try out other flavors and even frozen yogurts and sorbets when the weather gets warmer. The cookbook is separated into seasons, and the summer section is full of delicious sounding flavors such as riesling poached pear sorbet.

I posited to Kev that maybe we should only eat ice cream that we've made ourselves. This sounds silly but the ice cream maker is super easy and fun to use, and we get to control exactly what goes into our batches. I feel like every health-conscious mom should have one of these machines.

You can find the one I got here. I got the red!

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