Things that I won't buy

I won't buy either of these pairs of shoes, but I do love the colors. 

The pumps in camel are a great work shoe, sensible with a heel that's under 3" tall. Too bad I have about a dozen pairs of work shoes to #wearoutthrowout before I can think about purchasing another pair.

Light blue is a color that is not represented at all in my closet. This was a conscious choice after the horrors of Hard Candy baby blue OD in the 6th and 7th grades. For my 6th grade dance I wore a Mandee dress in that icy blue, bought a matching frosty eyeshadow from Maybelline, and even attempted to dye blue Manic Panic streaks in my black hair (fail). The day before, I went with Cat to get manicures, and I painted my nails the exact same shade. 

I haven't bought a single thing that color in over a decade. The blue suede shoes below are a richer color and bright enough and different enough to help me emerge from my self-imposed color rehab. Except I know better than to purchase suede shoes in a light color. 

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