Sunday thoughts

Today we went to Glasserie for lunch, a restaurant in Greenpoint just a stone's throw from Long Island City and situated right next to a huge factory building. A brave place to pick, but once inside I realized that I'd have picked it too - the place is huge, pretty, brick-filled, and open. Lunch was very good. My favorite dish today was poached eggs with a spicy tomato stew. Warm and delicious, it was served with thick slabs of crusty bread. 

This week's forecast shows a nasty chill is on its way here, and I've got a couple of not-so-fun obligations to attend to in the form of meetings and appointments. I hope to fill the rest of the hours with happy things like cooking and hanging out with family. It starts with a quiet night in tonight. Doing my nails, drinking tea, watching Netflix, and mentally preparing myself for tomorrow's wind chill. 

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