DIY inspiration

It seems that I like to find a nearby arts and crafts store before I feel settled in a new neighborhood. I work downtown now and like to find my way to the stray fabrics and trims stores on Broadway just south of Canal St. once in a while. They are disheveled, unlike the stores I used to visit in the Garment District, and have the air of a forgotten industry base, and despite their wacky hours of operation and unpredictable days off I love having them near.

Ever since I discovered M+J Trimming while working in midtown, I've imagined making a feathered skirt from layers of their feather ribbon trim. I come back to this idea usually in winter, usually around now, when New Years Eve is on the horizon. Usually I abandon it when I remember I don't ever have NYE plans.

But look! This picture from the blog Atlantic Pacific has me wondering if feathers aren't okay for a regular wintry night out, if just for dinner or a few drinks.

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