Apartment finds

I'm trying my best not to make too many plans for interior decorating, furniture shopping, and kitchen stocking in advance of knowing what my next home will look like. It's difficult though, to not think of it even a little. Over the summer Kev and I made the most modest of purchases, two cloth napkins to use as rags in the kitchen. I've got an eye on a desk from CB2 and am constantly making mental marks of ideas I come across when looking over my blog feed.

Today I ordered these towels from Anthropologie. They look warm and comfy and Kev hates the towels I have in my apartment now for their non-absorbency which has made me hate them too despite their pretty fall colors. I guess the whole point of their manufacture was to absorb, and they aren't good at it.

Paletta Towels. On sale now :) 

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