This winter has helped me to not hate winter

When I recall the season I think root vegetables cooked until soft
the rising warmth of bourbon clear frigid air subway stations darkened
theater prosecco popcorn polenta Parm pottery painting Poconos
life in abundance to my surprise in spite of heavy cold thick snow

life is luck when you take pleasure in it 
my world is small and serendipitous in every way
except for buses in Queens, urban myth
which makes the rest of it a real and mighty fortune

contentedly uncomfortably squished with my man and our dog
disintegrating blanket cover unbelievable soft at the end of its use
learning that love lasts
even now all over this world through age ills loss of teeth
and crying over it thrilled for these strangers
because my heart is only the size of my fist it spills joy when I move

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