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Work was hectic last week, and I, cold and all, got through each day just all right and each morning was heartened by the nearness of the weekend. Lily & Matt stayed with me last night, and their early morning buses allowed Kev & I to go to Egg for a delicious breakfast without having to wait an hour (we waited 45 minutes).

He's napping now but earlier we'd started the Studio Ghibli film Ponyo, which I kept interrupting so that I could capture screen shots of the beautiful frames. I expect we'll finish this movie over dinner when he wakes up. I wonder how many rows of knitting I can get in in the meantime.

Last night's dinner was at Post Office, and the large pickle plate we ordered seemed a funny thing at first but what came was a varied and interesting spread of pickled fruits and vegetables that turned into a little guessing game by candlelight. The four of us laughed over Lil & Matt's misfortunes turned fortunes from their trip to DR, her sunglasses tan, and his exclamation of "mis amigos!" upon seeing a bus-full of friends while they were stopped at a $12 toll booth with $11 in their pockets. The food was good and filling.

It was cold but it was okay. It's spring and I've loved this winter.

the counter at Egg

I started 2 knitting projects simultaneously and decided I needed to spend time on both today, also simultaneously.

tiled facade

wire lights on my bed frame

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