Etsy finds: MountRoyalMint

The last time I was in Canada was in college, when my friends wanted to cross the border for dinner on the other side of Niagara falls. It wasn't very memorable except for the fact that I was detained at the border on the return trip because this was right after I'd become naturalized. Somehow in my file, someone forgot to check off that they'd taken away my green card after my swearing in, and the confusion about my having both a green card and a US passport made us almost an hour late for drinking.

All this to say that I can travel internationally at will now, and upon seeing that this adorable Etsy shop is based in Montreal, I thought that I might seriously reconsider my idea of vacationing. Perhaps going North is a different kind of adventure, one that until now I didn't realize might hold a different kind of magic too. Iceland, Montreal, Niagara on the Lake, Hudson, et cetera et cetera.

Below, love love love love love.

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