Closet detox

This week I made some progress on getting rid of unnecessary clothing. My family makes clothing donations regularly, and the easy ones to let go are long gone. I think the grey area lies where items fit but there must be an acknowledgement made that you will never wear them again. I have no qualms about de-cluttering. In fact, I filled a large wicker basket with clothing just two days ago.

Alas, I couldn't get it past my mom. She took the heap into her room and wants to sort through it. Some things she'll keep with the intention of wearing them herself, (she won't). Some things she'll give to family and friends. The reasoning is solid but practically it's a nuisance. I didn't rake the depths of my closet just to have this clothing sit around the house.

I dream of 8' tall wrought iron rolling racks like the one I had in the duplex filled with pieces that I regard with nothing short of love. I aspire to standardize my hangers.

I think I'm on the right track.

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