Sunday thoughts

Kev and I exchanged Christmas presents this weekend. He gave me an iPad mini. I've pretty much been fooling around on it every waking moment since unwrapping it. I hadn't seen one in person before, and didn't know quite how much smaller than an iPad it would be, so I'm very happy to find that it's the perfect purse friendly gadget - light, thin, and still large enough to be functional. Kev said that the things I like to do on the computer are so fit for and iPad, and I agree.

Today I'm going to Astoria for my annual gift wrapping party with Cat. I think I mentioned last year that it really is just the two of us, a few rolls of wrapping paper, a shit ton of ribbons and bows, and whiskey. This year's cache of gifts is light, but I think we're also doing some baking and vodka infusing.

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