Sunday thoughts

I'm trying to pack December with joyous things so that this year ends on a high note. 

Today Kev and I had our Christmas meal. I know it's early but why not start celebrating now? We went to Momofuku Ko for lunch, which is new for us. There was more food than dinner, too much for me, but the restaurant delivered as always. It has become our favorite place to eat. 

Last night we went on a movie date.

There was so much rain this weekend.

I remember last year around this time trying to steel myself against the dark and cold months ahead, only to then experience one of the warmest winters the city has ever known. Seasonal blues is something I picked up in Rochester and brought home with me. I so hate being cold. I don't know what this winter has in store for us, but I'm more hopeful than usual. 

bobbins from an antique store on E9th & Ave. A

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