Short December days

It remains a challenge to muster the energy and motivation to make plans in the winter evenings. The dark is okay but the cold is what makes it so difficult. Also colds.

Funny that women's magazine only implicitly recognize this. There are guides for party outfits all over, but what goes unprinted is that those outfits will be worn to your office holiday party, New Years, and perhaps that random event with smiling strangers some friend or other invites you to. And there's a very real possibility that that will be it.

If you let it.

Friday I'm back in Brooklyn first for a work engagement and again for a birthday at The Woods. Don't know anything about the place but the backyard is heated so that's a plus.

Saturday Kev and I are going to Nitehawk Cinema for fancy popcorn and a bottle of prosecco and a late showing of Looper.

Last but not least, (in fact it's the best), our Christmas 2012 meal comes Sunday. Lunch at Momofuku Ko! We hear its better than dinner, which is harder to believe each time we go.

Is it really only Tuesday?

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