Sometimes you have to start fresh

I'm learning to crochet.

My mom has been making cowl scarves for our Etsy shop for some time. In the days that hurricane Sandy handed us, (most New Yorkers, the lucky ones, ate and drank five pounds' worth), I took up the new craft. I thought I could pick up the work and contribute so that each time Etsy asks me Who made it? when creating a new listing I needn't choose Someone from my shop and might select I did.

Anyways I get the feeling my mom would prefer to focus her energies on the baby items section of the shop.

My first scarf is two skeins deep and last night I decided I need to unravel the whole thing and begin anew. So much of knitting or crocheting is about yarn tension, and the wonkiness of my grip is apparent. It's okay, in this type of endeavor, where progress comes in stitches and steps back are sweeping, dramatic, and easy, to take your time to get it right.

Patience as a function of contact with needle and thread. Interesting.

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