A day off

When I wake up on a holiday from work I always feel the day has endless possibilities. 

Already today (at 10:39am) I've:

- Tagged one dress for summer storage and one blazer for donation
- Photographed 2 scarves my mom has made for our etsy shop
- Found a handful of new design and style blogs to add to my bloglovin list
- Eaten one plum and one banana

(I guess the thing about wanting to grab hold of those possibilities is that it's easy to list non-events as accomplishments.)

I have a hair appointment this afternoon. Though I've been trying to keep myself from over thinking what I want to do, I've also been gathering ideas onto a pintrest board, a couple below. I want to have a collaborative decision making process with my hairdresser, so who knows what will come of it!

images from kenzas.se

Update 7:57pm

The best laid plans...

Upon leaving the house to go to my hair appointment I found the car's side window smashed in, glass shards all over the inside and outside of the car. I learned from neighbors that other cars had had their windows broken too, and they think it was done by kids. Nothing to my knowledge to taken. It bummed me out that people in my neighborhood would do such a thing, but then a neighbor I'd never met before put down his raking and helped me clean up. He brushed the glass off of the seats and taped a clear plastic tarp up so that I could take it in to the shop. What a nice thing to experience after such faceless vandalism. 

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