Things to buy: cold weather

I have done a fan-freaking-tastic job of not shopping this fall and I ain't ashamed to say it! Shopping is always going to be a source of joy for me, but I love that these past few months of abstaining from it have brought me such peace.
Things I HAVE bought recently include an awesome jumbo braided brass ring handmade to order from London (a wonderful etsy find), and maroon suede sneaker heels (kind of ridiculous I know, but I love them). Otherwise, I've spent mostly on material for sewing projects.
picture from we are arrow
picture from shopbop
actually I bought them on sale from anthropologie! 

Currently, I'm on the lookout for the plaid items and flannel pumps. Hashtag cozy. Both a good and a bad thing, I am extremely picky about patterns, so plaid is something I have no qualms about buying if I find the right mix of colors on the right weight of fabric. As for flannel pumps, I found a great pair by Rachel Roy, which are retailing for $225 and are still available at Zappos and Piperlime, but were on sale at Bloomingdales for $150 where my size was sold out so now I can't bring myself to pay full price.

picture from zappos

Another thing, and this is an ongoing and challenging one, I am always up to buy beautiful, minimal, interesting dresses that are work appropriate. We spend much of our lives at the office, and I am often going directly to my social engagements afterwards, so loving my work-wear is absolutely essential to me. Alas, I find this part of my wardrobe continually lacking. I just began making determinations of which items I should spring for tailoring work on, and thus have begun to make some of the things I already own look and feel better on me. Tailoring - always a good investment. Not cheap, and it shouldn't be, but there's something wonderfully frugal in more than one sense about spending money without occupying more closet/home space.

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