Travel plans, none

It looks like there will be no more travels this year. Well, perhaps one more, a weekend trip North in November to see Morg and congratulate her on her recent engagement. This is the second and last year she will be in Ann Arbor and I want to see it before she goes.

I don't have vacation days yet at my new job, and I am trying to recoup the funds I spent from my savings during my July of funemployment. Looking back, I know that leaving the bank as early as I did and choosing to forgo the extra income was the right thing for me. I was unhappy, and the money wasn't worth it. Luckily, I was in a financial place to be able to make that choice, and it isn't as if I didn't know what it would cost.

New York is my favorite place to be for fall though, so it's all right. There are some really exciting things happening in the NYC restaurant world and I can't wait to experience them with the time and the money saved by not vacationing. There are a few places that K and I will continue to try to get seated at - Brooklyn Fare, Blanca. There is a new Eleven Madison Park concept to see. There's the expansion of the Torrisi franchise with Carbone. There's a new menu at WD-50, an eight seater called Bugs, and a second establishment from the people behind Traif.

The last has a star next to it because my boyfriend loves Traif.

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