A recent happiness

My trip to Staniel Cay with K in June was something so wonderful that my mind made its own return trip many days later. Now that the whole of me is back I hardly believe we saw what we saw and did what we did. I can now know my life as before and after seeing those waters. I found the beach of my dreams on a day when no one else was there, and only our little boat was anchored to its shore. I learned the buoyancy of 500 pound pigs and swam with a shark. I picked fresh conch shells out of the water and ate conch ceviche for lunch. I rode in a tiny plane! I drank Bahamian beer with my boyfriend while walking down village streets, encountering a family of chickens, exploring a broken down pier, climbing onto a painted stage, and playing pool in the sea air, the both of us distracted by island living, peaceful and buzzing all at once.

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