Feels like summer

Again with the busy weeks.

In this one I finally made it to my seat at Yankee Stadium, the one I will park my butt in all season long and, fingers crossed, into the postseason.

Yesterday I got a blowout at a salon near the library in midtown and found my new hairdresser, this fabulous woman with teased hair and blue eye shadow. Her name is Lora and she said I have absolutely gorgeous hair, so I love her. It turned out great and I thought why don’t I put myself together more often?, but then was reminded why after smelling the heart aching scent of burnt hair. But I wonder if my usual wild woman look with my huge head and huge hair isn’t actually kind of becoming on me. Anyways I have neither the giant round brush nor the strength in my triceps to style myself like a lady.

The word akimbo resurfaced and it is a delight.

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