Sunday thoughts

Stayed home in the rain today. My windows were cracked and the breeze was cold. I like sitting at my high desk, I hate the curtains. I'm in need of pretty mugs.

I worked all day Saturday at JCrew and already my bank work week begins too early. Who needs to phone conference at 7:05am? Manhattan area bankers, I'm told.

My right upper wisdom tooth is partially erupted and it makes my head ache, my eye muscles spasm, and my cheekbone numb. I'm putting off the seat in my dentist's chair, way up in the Chrysler building, though the view is stunning.

I dug through my compartments and found many samples of skincare products. Currently sporting a face mask that felt like honey and sugar and smells like oranges. I have a timer set for 10 minutes, but 5 minutes in, I'm starting to tingle, and not in a pleasing way.

primp, it's what we do

image via ilovewildfox

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