Sunday thoughts

My mom got surgery for her back on the 28th of March and she has been in great pain since coming back home Monday. It has been ten days and she can barely walk herself to the bathroom, and it has been really sad to watch her. On top of that, my dad is going to go back to China for the first time in 7 years to go to a college reunion, to return my grandfather's remains to their ancestral home, and basically to once more touch down in the place from which he came.

All of this making me think about the lives my parents lead aside from my sister and me. Aside of the jobs of being parents. So strange to think of the pressures besides those of having a family.

This is how I know that I'm nowhere near ready to settle down. This, and the fact that all the pressures of even my simple life are much too tiring at times.

happy thoughts

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