Winter fun

Celebrating Valentines Day a day late this year. This holiday is always lost on the year's radar because it falls squarely between my birthday and our anniversary. Imagine all the creative energy that goes into a gift of love repeated 3 times only weeks apart. Exhausting, not to mention expensive.

This year we are doing something easy. Cooking dinner, drinking wine, and with New York's current case of #linsanity, watching the Knicks game.

This winter has been rolling by like a light breeze. Where are its teeth? Is my April safe from snow? The most amazing thing is that, unlike last winter, I haven't felt completely barren creatively. These past two weeks have been very quiet, but only because I've been consumed by anxiety over the job I interviewed for 2 weeks ago. (No news on that front).

Many things to look forward to for the second half of this month, many of them food related. Going to eat at Suteishi for the first time since K left. A fast second visit to Momofuku Ko and a long weekend. A hilarious soup dumpling eating contest between friends, winner gets a big gold belt.

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