Hat head

I am someone who love hats. Someone who always puts them on her head whenever there's a display one out and within arm's reach. I think this love developed for several reasons. Of equal weight, memories of shopping for many many straw hats with my mom, and the fact that only about 10% of the hats I've tried on actually fit my huge head, with about 5% of those looking somewhat decent. I can think of exactly 3 hats that have had the rare quality of enhancing my look, and one is a big floppy straw hat that I can only wear on vacation, another was a black knit beret that I left in a cab one New Year's Eve.

K bought me a hat for Christmas that is incredibly soft and warm. I love it, but it hasn't been cold enough for me to really wear it out. Sometimes I sit at home at my computer with my hair balled up and tucked into the hat, in socks and sweats, enjoying the rare occasion that my head is fashionable.

Baseball caps somewhat work for me too, but only at baseball games. Unfortunately, being near sighted, I have to rock eyeglasses when I'm at Yankee Stadium and tortoise shell does not go with, say, a hot pink flat brimmed fitted cap. (Yes I'm a little bit hood).

What can I say? I'll never stop looking, and whenever I happen upon a miracle of a topper, I will buy it and that's that.

22" crown. damn it.

image via anthropologie
jupiter hat

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