Here's lookin at you, January

This year is the first year of real resolutions -

3 ITEMS AND 3 ITEMS ONLY added to my closet per month.

Which means I only have 8 more days to go until these babies are mine.

Giuseppe Zanotti Antico
Fantastico is more like it.

1/5/12 Update, the first week

Progress: My first purchase of the year was a pair of deeply discounted Alexander Wang black leather boots. I figure as a fashion conscious New Yorker, something Wang is something of a requisite possession. I haven’t bought anything since, and though it’s only January 5th, I can tell you there were at least 3 times where I alllllmost checked out online and then told myself to wait until January 10th.

Bad news: I’ve dropped my phone 4 times in as many days. I don’t think I’m ready for an iPhone.

Yesterday: A Wednesday, I had dinner with a friend at the Monday Room. They offer wine flights there, and we had one of Italian reds and one of French reds and it was so interesting. I loved hearing about the vintages and the descriptions of the terroir from whence they came, especially because I have a novice palate and would otherwise have no idea. No, I didn’t get the wild strawberry or chalk notes from one, nor the differences in minerality between the Loire valley wines, nor did I follow the 180 degree turn around of the 2nd Italian as it started out feminine and soft and ended with a masculine finish. BUT, by the end of the tasting, we mixed up our glasses, sipped, and declared “FRENCH!” and alternately “ITALIAN!” with some degree of finality and I guess I learned something after all.

Something else I learned is that the word Trampoline is a colloquial Italian term for someone who is always in the right place at the right time. How wonderful, and how I wish I could don that hat.

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